Friday, January 29, 2010

Who are we?

We'd like to remain anonymous but it seems circumstances has forced us to wave our puny epenis.

The founder of this group is a translator from Ayako who translated Minami-ke S1, Spice and wolf (with the novel notes), Kanokon, Kannagi and Denpa teki na Kanojo.
Editors are from Strike-subs, Ayako and elsewhere.
Encoder for the HD encode is not from Ayako; I believe he'd like to hide his identity, but he's the encoder for Ayako's Valkyria Chronicles.

So, we have some Ayako staff but we're not Ayako. Obviously, most of you who read this probably won't care. ^o^


Anonymous said...

I care!

Jonah said...

I see. Anyway thanks for the hard work.

Pardon me, please. Are you guys translate OP and ED for Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu?

I'm asking this because I am watching [Nutbladder]'s version, and I want to know what Yuna n friends are singing. >.<

Thanks for answering in advance.

Anonymous said...

Dunno what is the situation since I got k-lined. Does people care what we are?

I claim tortoise as cowteats and friends. Explain more and people will get confuse more. Since some of us work for several groups anyway.

Note: タルタロスオンライン is nice.

cowteats said...

Yes, we translated the OP and ED since ep1.

Jonah said...

Thanks for answer the question. Torrenting it now >.< *shuwa-shuwa* *shuwa-shuwa*

VoiD said...

Well most of the veteran net-otakus should care since this means that this is a veteran subbing group and not some half-assed gay noob association (with no offence to gay ppl lol xD)... Anyway, Ayako has gained quite the reputation especially for fast HQ subs. I personally have been sticking with Ayako for a lot of series including Minami-ke, Spice and wolf, Kanokon and Kannagi.
That is why, I'll be looking forward to your subs ! Good luck with the "team of exiles" lol... :D

Best regards,