Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ (Hoshimittsu) 01

Hey everyone. Our new project is Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ (Pronounced hoshimittsu). Yuno and Miyako are finally second years and the Landlady sure must be happy about having a full apartment. Enjoy!

Torrent: SD HD
XDCC: Join us on Rizon at #tortoise for bots.


Anonymous said...

I love you guys already because you're doing SD versions too.
Thank you.

Zalis said...

^ Agree with anon, as long as you're releasing SD, you'll always have a dedicated (if small) audience vs. the other guys.

Shui Jie said...

UNDER 175 MB?! You are my new heroes.

verzede said...

I downloaded the HD version.
It was good. Thanks a lot.
But i noticed that the screen is cut off a bit.
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
I don't mind it that much. but i am just wondering if the actual video is like that or if it is a problem on my part.
perhaps my media player setting is a bit off?