Friday, February 5, 2010

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ (Hoshimittsu) 05

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jofori ~ otaku ~ freelance fansubber said...

Nice work, and when will this anime be karaoke effected?

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't understand what people see in karaoke.

Anyway, ended up watching the SD for 4 because I couldn't wait any longer, and it looked way better than I remember ep 1's looking, so I guess I don't have to wait for the 720p after all. Although I'll still dl it as the one to keep. Until the BD rips come out anyway.

cowteats said...

Yeah, I see nothing in karaoke, hence we don't do karaoke. Karaoke also means hardsubbing over the op/ed. That karaoke is necessary and mark of quality is debatable.

jofori ~ otaku ~ freelance fansubber said...

When we love anime, we love anime song too. Dakara we want to sing the songs in anime which we love.
I dont ask you have to make karaoke, it just should be timed.
Anyway, nice work, thank for translated

Anonymous said...

Karaoke doesn't really help you sing if you're not already proficient enough (and familiar enough with the song) to anticipate the pronunciation and timing, honestly.

Spade said...

When we love Anime, we love the Opening/Ending too. Dakara we want to see them completely without having effect-y text in our way. say it your way. I rather enjoy the OP/ED animation, Karaoke is just in the way... unless it's as genius as, say, [gg]'s Maria+Holic Opening, one of the few brilliant things they've ever done.

jofori ~ otaku ~ freelance fansubber said...
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jofori ~ otaku ~ freelance fansubber said...

Oh i see, because you can't make karaoke by yourseft so you dislike it, don't you? Saying it is in the way. Anyway, your group's just found, this is first project
[gg]'s Maria+Holic Opening

It's nice typeseting (take alot of time for timing too), nothing about karaoke, even no romaji too.

jofori ~ otaku ~ freelance fansubber said...

Seeing more this
Kanon ED

cowteats said...

We know people who do karaoke, just that we choose not to this time. Read the previous post and you'll know we're old fansubbers from many groups.

Mariaholic OP by a gg is certainly a work of art, but not a work of readability. When the karaoke appears at different places on the screen, it's hardly readable. Then it becomes a debate of whether "coolness" or "readability" is more important.

You're a karaoker, so obviously you'll think karaoke is necessary. I'm just a translator so I prefer simplicity and readability. No point arguing about it, I blame our different jobs. :D

Anonymous said...

"Then it becomes a debate of whether "coolness" or "readability" is more important."

Indeed, readability is supreme. Give me one line of english, one line of romaji, and that's it. Exactly what you're doing here, in fact.

Being softsubbed is also very important. I know some advanced karaoke effects can be softsubbed too, but there's also a lot of karaoke that's hardsubbed, which is never a good thing.

cowteats said...

Well, it'd be great to have karaoke that doesn't interfere with reading. :D

But the type of karaoke effect that doesn't affect readability looks limited. Karaokes I've seen affect readability most of the time. Words that jump around a lot or "disappear" (as in the Kanon ED in the thread) affects readability because you only have 1 second to read the first word in the sentence before the effect makes it disappear, or you'll have to rewind to read it again. Also, it mustn't eat too much CPU power.

I don't know any karaoker who can/want to work with those restrictions.

Mertal said...

Sorry if this question is a bother, but will there be a HD version released? Just found you guys and downloading all the other torrents now. Thank you for any reply.

Anonymous said...

Echoing the HD question. Went and checked out Nutbladder's ep5 and decided (ironically given the talk in this comments section) yes, I'd like karaoke after all. And on that note: also echoing the sentiment that plaintext roomaji + translation is just right.

Um, well, to repeat the main point: HD version would be great.