Friday, March 4, 2011

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ BD 07

I know some of you guys were waiting for this. Be sure to check after the ED for the extra content.

Episode 07: 720p 1080p

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ BD 06 + 08

Two more episodes this week. You might be wondering where episode 7 is... I'm waiting for cowteats to finish translating 30" of extra content included in the BD version. You'll be able to understand 8 even if you haven't seen 7, so I'm going ahead and releasing 8 as it's completed already.

Episode 06: 720p 1080p
Episode 08: 720p 1080p

Thanks to Kile, we now have Episodes 01-04 up on NyaaTorrents. The XDCC bots on our IRC channel also have these episodes if you prefer not to use torrents. The link is: irc://

Episode 01: 720p 1080p
Episode 02: 720p 1080p
Episode 03: 720p 1080p
Episode 04: 720p 1080p

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ BD 05

Last week, the encoder came back from a long hiatus and promptly asked me if I finished touching up episode 5 for the BD release yet. However, he never uploaded the encodes in the first place. Approximately 1 week after we cleared up that miscommunication, I am happy to present Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ 05 in 720p and 1080p. Enjoy.

Episode 05: 720p 1080p

Anirena is down for me as of this post and I don't know if it's a one time thing or it's going to persist, so we'll be using NyaaTorrents from now on. More BDs should be released as soon as I receive more encodes. Also, since cowteats never made the post about episodes 03 and 04 for the BD, I'll include the torrent links below. They're hosted on Anirena though...

Episode 03: 720p 1080p
Episode 04: 720p 1080p

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Planetarian Drama CD 3 -Stargazer-

Due to the fact that my staff isn't really interested to work on this, I'm retired as well and I'm not interested to work on this myself or look for other people to do it, I decided to just release the script and video.

How to play it for newbies:
Open the .mp4 file in MPC, then click "File -> Load Subtitles" and choose the .ass file.

For any fansubbers who are interested to release a complete version:
Some of the lines need retiming, which are marked in the aegisub comments.
Typeset lines are marked with the time in a [MM:SS] format.
Subtitles are partially edited so you may see something funny.
The video file is something I slapped together with Sony Vega, it's too large for a still-image video and needs reencoding.

Have fun!


You should only watch this after you have played the kinetic novel Planetarian. Doremi Fansubs released the first drama cd, check out their website if you haven't.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fansubbing dropped.

Due to real life issues, I've decided to stop fansubbing. I'm planning to leave my country not far in the future and I'll have to spend my time doing other things.
Sorry to the viewers who have been waiting for our releases.

On another note, we'll probably still release the Hidamari Sketch BD and a planetarian drama cd.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Angel Beats! 02

Dem delicious hips.

This will probably be our weekly schedule for this show unless some of our members drop dead and go to the afterlife academy.

Torrent: HD
XDCC: Join us on Rizon at #tortoise for bots.

Angel Beats! Special

This is just the interview with Maeda Jun and the director and watching them brag long and hard.

You'll probably be interested in it if:
1) You're a fan of Key or Maeda Jun,
2) you're interested in what happens behind the scene in making an animation.

Otherwise, just save your bandwidth.

Torrent: SD
XDCC: Join us on Rizon at #tortoise for bots.