Saturday, August 9, 2008


Japanese to English Translator
  • No experience needed, but you'll be tested or asked to give samples of past work.
  • Preferably be able to work without a translation checker. Because it's hard to find translation checkers, much less reliable ones.
  • Weed out wonky english, grammatical and spelling errors in the translator's script. Experience preferred.

  • Experience is required.

  • We work with softsubs currently, so no afx required. Hopefully you have good aesthetic sense...
  • Looking for someone who are able to make PV-like videos for drama cds. Work may require searching for pictures, doing image editing, etc.


raijinshou said...

If I may ask, what kind of timer's experience you require?

Kure said...

lol, keep it up. if you need a webhost because blogger isn't happy about this, drop me an email anytime...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to help out with the editing ^_^
I know my English pretty damn well and could spell, grammar etc check :3

Sarah said...

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I'm a very experienced J-E translator (I work for a company now, but have done many fansubs in the past). Would you object to paying me a small fee if I translate for you? I totally understand and respect if you don't want to pay your translators...

geoffreysucks said...

I would LOVE to do some J-E translations for you guys. Pretty experienced in speaking and reading but never actually done subs before.