Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ Character CD 1 - Louise

Well, it's obvious that Aria is not a good choice to be promoting drama cds. So let's resort to sex to promote drama cds to the audience and fansubbers instead. After all sex sells, right? That doesn't mean we're giving up on Aria though, but we'll be doing them at slower speed. I'm looking at doing Shakugan no Shana drama cds as well.

Well, enough of ranting and getting back to topic, this is the first drama cd of the second season of Zero no Tsukaima, which consists of three tracks:
Track 1 - Song by Kugimiya Rie
Track 2 - Drama
Track 3 - An interview
Only Track 2 is subbed, because the bubblegum song is boring and Track 3 is too hard for me! ZOMG, colloquial Japanese!

Last but not least, I would like to give a warm welcome to Piroko, who just joined us as an editor.

P.S. : If you are a fansubber watching this and you're tired of the competition and speedsub-pwnage of main anime series, how about considering moving to drama cds instead? There are tons of drama cds waiting to be subbed, which are as interesting as the main series themselves.

Edited Script


Etna said...

Superb work, hoping for some more in the future

EvilLinkz said...

how2joinmang I got a project lined up for you. Here :D

Anonymous said...

hia, seed please :)

shit_burner said...

Hey, could you repost the video for this on nyaa or on mediafire or something, please? There's no ddls and any torrent for this I can find is deader than your average corpse. Outside of a George Romero flick, obviously.

Unfortunately, it seems my google-fu is weaker than my chin. My shame is immense!

I hope you can help :D