Friday, February 18, 2011

Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆ BD 06 + 08

Two more episodes this week. You might be wondering where episode 7 is... I'm waiting for cowteats to finish translating 30" of extra content included in the BD version. You'll be able to understand 8 even if you haven't seen 7, so I'm going ahead and releasing 8 as it's completed already.

Episode 06: 720p 1080p
Episode 08: 720p 1080p

Thanks to Kile, we now have Episodes 01-04 up on NyaaTorrents. The XDCC bots on our IRC channel also have these episodes if you prefer not to use torrents. The link is: irc://

Episode 01: 720p 1080p
Episode 02: 720p 1080p
Episode 03: 720p 1080p
Episode 04: 720p 1080p


Anonymous said...

<3 you

Anonymous said...

these r encoded straight frm raw or iso?

Kile said...

As always, I only work with the untouched bluray sources, and not with second-hand raws.

Anonymous said...

all it's all softsubbed?

Kile said...

Yes. The encode is finished before the scripts are even done and I don't have to put any of the typesetting on the video itself. It usually just gets muxed on the server when the script is ready.