Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aria The Origination Picture Drama 1

Someone on Tokyotosho posted a video of this asking "subs whar", so here are the subs. And thanks to EvilLinkz for telling me that these picture dramas exist.

These picture dramas are actually dvd extras, with 1 short episode per DVD. You can view the other dvd extras here:


It seems that BSS fansubs has picked up the picture dramas. Since they are known to be reliable, and we don't believe in competition/oversubbing, we've decided to drop this. Pop over to their channel at to get their version. Or their website at


duhmduhm said...

Thanks a lot for the subs! Twas a sad day when Aria finally ended. Now all we have are these picture dramas and drama cds.

Inthernet said...

Yay, .mkv files! :D

Keep up the good work and you guys got me out of some trouble!

cowteats said...

@inthernet: did you get blackmailed into working on it or something?

Anyway, your "Venice the Origination" rocks! \o/

Inthernet said...


I was bored one evening and translated the whole of Drama #1. It got used for a softsub and people wanted me to do the rest - which I didn't feel like doing.

Thanks for the compliment!

cowteats said...

If you ever feel bored again, just post any aria drama-related scripts here and we can sub it for you, lol.

Inthernet said...

Hey, if you are still alive...

Have you heard about the Picture Drama that came with the "ARIA Desktop Accessories" CD?

I've done a translation of it but it needs *LOTS* of quality-control and modifications for flow and consistency.